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The Social Innovation Lab (SIL) is not just a project; it’s a catalyst for change within the Digital Moment family! The SIL is your launchpad into a world where youth takes the lead, fueled by technology, and driven by creativity! The Lab is here to empower all backgrounds, fostering innovation to tackle pressing social challenges that youth identified for them and their community.

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What’s the secret to the Lab's success?

Setting an environment where the youth take charge of their learning pace, decide on their learning objectives and develop meaningful relationships with each other. It’s all about experimentation, collaboration, embracing failure, and crafting real-world solutions under the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Plus, we’re serving up the essential skills you’ll need for the workforce of the future!

The SIL is your journey if you’re between 14 and 17.

The Lab is here to:

  • Spark your critical thinking and independence through youth-led innovation.
  • Equip you with digital skills and supercharge your networking talents through hands-on experiences and mentorship.
  • Amplify your impact by partnering with community heroes, socially conscious businesses, and government agencies dedicated to youth well-being.

Get ready to transform into an engaged, active citizen who’s not afraid to tackle real-world issues head-on—whether it’s social, environmental, or economic. Let’s make a difference together!

Trailblazing Teens embracing the future this November in Montréal!

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The youth once again have the opportunity to shape their own future and that of their peers during a series of workshops on the fascinating world of AI and robotics with the brand new fall cohort of the Lab in November at the Centre Lasallien!

Youth participating are:

  • Teens aged 14 to 17.
  • Teens ready to dive into a thrilling 4-week workshop series with a closing day of presentations and celebration, dedicating 2 hours of their time each week.
  • Montréal, Québec teens, or those who can make it to each session in person, at the Centre Lasallien in the Saint-Michel neighborhood of Montréal.
  • Fluent in French or English.

Unlock the Future with Digital Moment!

What's in store for them?

  • They will dive into the exciting world of AI and robotics, discover all the creativity they have inside!
  • They will turn their ideas into concrete projects with design thinking, applying the AI and programming concepts learned and apply these ideas to find innovative and creative solutions to the problems they think are important on the planet!
  • They will be program pioneers, shaping our path with their insights and getting their creative hands on the Lab branding.
  • And to sweeten the deal, there’s a chance to score a $200 gift card at the end of this exciting 4-week journey, if they make sure they are with us every step of the way!

This journey will shape a better future through technology!

Apply Now

Don’t miss out on this journey to shape a better future through technology!

Get ready for the upcoming cohort in January!

Limited spots still available; register by December 6, 2023.

A Look at our Last Cohort, July 2023

Digital Moment’s Social Innovation Lab Ignites Minds!

group of teens cheering

From July 10th to July 19, 2023, at the Centre Lasallien in Montréal (Québec), the inaugural SIL Cohort set the stage for an unforgettable 2-week journey! Twenty-two remarkable teens aged 14–17 were welcomed embracing this exceptional educational adventure and

  • Dove into the future with interactive AI workshops, including the secrets of AI’s inception, the art of coding with AI, and the ethical dimensions of AI.
  • Got up close and personal with industry luminaries during in-person discussions about their AI marvels and career odysseys.
  • Elevated their skills with mentorship and a golden chance to explore the bustling offices of AI-driven startup ventures.

The grand finale of the program? A mentor-fueled group project extravaganza! Students took center stage, flaunting their work to a captivated audience of peers, industry luminaries, and members of the Digital Moment team!

Participant Testimonial

Corey Velan

“I participated in the Social Innovation Lab as a speaker talking about entrepreneurship. I was struck by how engaged the youth was, asking excellent questions, and showing a strong commitment to attack social challenges head on with entrepreneurial solutions. I left feeling inspired by the youth I met at the Lab.”

Corey Velan, Speaker at the Summer 2023 SIL Cohort

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